изготовление пластиковых форм лидеры среди производителей

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The production company Siberian Molds LLC was founded on May 11, 2011.

The main activity is the production of plastic molds for paving slabs, paving stones, decorative and facing stone, curbs by plastic injection molding on injection molding machines.

For 11 years, the company has become a leader in mold manufacturers, both in terms of quality and range. Several factors contributed to this:

✓ Competent sales policy;

✓ Creative approach to the manufacture of punches (patterns for tiles);

✓ Commercial flair to introduce new types of molds to the market;

✓ Strong production capabilities, in the form of: machining, metal casting in the ground, plastic injection, etc.

Our advantages over competitors:

 ✓ Own production;

✓ Work experience;

✓ Form quality;

✓ Drawings are created by the artist by hand, repeating the natural structure of wood and stone;

✓ We provide consultations on the organization of production;

✓ We provide free sample forms (legal entities or individual entrepreneurs to assess the quality of forms and consumer demand).

 Particular attention is paid to our drawings, which the artist creates by hand through punch engraving. For this reason, concrete products made from our molds so accurately imitate the natural structure of wood, natural stones, pebbles, shell rock. This feature sets us apart from our competitors.

The main advantage of our molds is that for the production we use high-quality polymer granules obtained by us from the secondary processing of raw materials with the addition of TFS polymer.

We have over 100 items in our assortment. Our molds are designed for the manufacture of concrete products by vibrocasting. This production technology provides guaranteed product quality, in contrast to the competitive method of vibrocompression. The tile made by vibrocompression method instantly loses its color and fades. And due to the fact that such tiles have the highest level of water absorption, they are much less frost-resistant than tiles made using vibrocasting technology. Also, vibrocast tiles benefit from a variety of patterns.

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